Eldora Ingredients

And then I asked myself, what if I could turn the process around?  Instead of buying beans, and making the next order from them.  What if I could buy the beans, understand it’s Terroir due to it’s origin, fermenting process, drying process, and make the chocolate best suited for that bean?  Instead of potentially cancelling out a flavor, I could enhance it by the way I made the chocolate and what ingredients I blended with it.

  • We are committed to using real or genuine ingredients in all our products
  • When faced with a gap or lack of a real ingredient to replace an inferior product we study alternatives that will produce comparable or better flavor
  • We study the source of the ingredient- where in the world does it come from?  Does the region affect taste and it's Terroir?
  • How it’s produced.  What types/kinds of processes are used, what conditions are people employed to produce it?
  • Most importantly,  we work with people, consumer and employee alike,  who appreciate and love real chocolate and want to have fun.

Eating chocolate can have significant influences on mood, generally leading to an increase in pleasant feelings and a reduction in tension.
— Peter Rogers, Ph.D., Institute of Food Research

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